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3 days tour to discover Rome
  • Art and history of the Eternal City
  • Family tour
  • City of water, marble and stone

If you only got 3 days to explore Rome, here is an itinerary of the unmissable monuments to see in this historical city.

Day 1

• Colosseum
• Altare della Patria (Victor Emmanuel II National Monument)
• Campidoglio
• Piazza Venezia

Let's start with the Colosseum, monument of Rome par excellence largest amphitheatre in the world and Rome’s must-visit ancient sight. The area of the Imperial Forums tells the most ancient history of the city: temples, arches, basilicas will accompany you up to the Altare della Patria, or also called Victor Emmanuel II National Monument. This national monument is dedicated to Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of a unified Italy, and of there are many references to Italy, its values, its regions and the imposing statue of the king in the centre.

From the Victorian you can see Piazza Venezia, the meeting point of two important streets of the city: Via del Corso and Via dei Fori Imperiali. This square is located at the foot of the Capitoline Hill. Near the Vittoriano you’ll find Capitoline: the square is the seat of the Senators' Palace and was built on the Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome. From the terrace you can observe the panorama of Roman Forum.

Day 2

• Piazza di Spagna (The Spanish steps)
• Trevi Fountain
• Pantheon
• Piazza Navona

Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous fountains in the world, where the famous scene from Fellini's film La Dolce vita was filmed, in which the actress Anita Ekberg takes a bath at night in the fountain.

Do you want to come back to Rome? Throw a coin in the fountain and turn around to look at it!

The Pantheon is only 10 minutes from the Trevi Fountain. A glance upwards and a flash of light creates a magical atmosphere in this temple.

The second day ends in Piazza Navona, where there are many bars and restaurants, surrounded by the baroque statues of Bernini and Borromini.

Day 3

• Vatican City
• Castel Sant’Angelo (The Mausoleum of Hadrian)
• Villa Borghese

Vatican City is the smallest recognised state in the world, located in Rome. We recommend you to book tickets online to visit the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica and to avoid the crowds.

A walk along the river Tiber will take you to Castel Sant'angelo. The view from above is a beautiful view of the river. And then relax, sport and art in Villa Borghese! This is the third largest park in Rome, home to the eighteenth-century villa of the Borghese family and even a zoo, the Bioparco.

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